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The Maker

In 2016, artist, designer and maker, Leah Lavergne, started HIGH NOON, a Toronto based ceramic company.


Under HIGH NOON, Leah aims to explore the use of color, bouncing back and forth between the forming of natural and geometric shapes within her body of work. Her inspiration is often drawn from architecture, the art of landscaping, her background in dance and the Memphis Milano group founded by Ettore Sottsass in the 80s. With her designs, she hopes to add an element of fun and humour to everyday, utilitarian objects.

When ceramics was picked up initially as a hobby, Leah found herself quickly leaning into the age old craft, discovering an endless amount of techniques and applications to the material at hand. Smitten with the boundless stream of learning Leah immersed herself into the world by joining a membership based, co-working studio. While primarily self taught, this was a space to learn the basics of ceramic arts the best way we know how - infinite failure. It was here that Leah was able to see where design goes beyond the material at hand. She then enrolled herself in product design courses, picked up some 3D modelling skills and watched an endless amount of YouTube tutorials on design, clay, how to wire your own kiln and much more. In 2020, she finally bought her first kiln and 3D printer that now live in her very own ceramic studio in Toronto, ON.

There, HIGH NOON pieces are created with various slip casting and hand building techniques. This method allows space for subtle variances in texture, pigment, and shape further highlighting the unique and handmade quality of Leah's products. 





I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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